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Good attendance is vital for attainment.  Our attendance target for 2017-18 is 96%. Good attendance is celebrated in assembly each week and 'Arnold' our attendance bear spends the week with the class with the highest attendance for the previous week.  Traffic Light letters are sent termly so that parents are kept up to date with their child's attendance.  Green letters celebrate good attendance over 96%, orange letters show an area of concern where attendance is between 90-96% and red letters are sent to children with attendance which is less than 90%.  These children are considered to be persistent absentees and are closely monitored by Mrs Alexander who is our Attendance Champion.


Please check our Attendance Noticeboard where our children who have attendance of 100% are celebrated and where other information is frequently updated.  Children with 100% attendance for the whole year are rewarded with a special prize!


This week the class that wins is Ash with 100% attendance! no



This is our new attendance bear; meet Arnold! The class with the highest attendance gets to keep Arnold for the whole week (although he quite likes a swing on Mrs Mabberley's chair!) 




Weekly Attendance Monitoring 2017-18



Whole School % attendance (over 5)

Whole school (under 5)

Class winner(s)

29.09.17 93.8% 93.4% Beech - 97.4%
06.10.17 94% 93.6% Beech - 98.5%
13.10.17 94.2% 93.9% Ash - 100% Wow!!


Our Attendance Board can be found by Mrs Mabberley's office.

Our Attendance Board can be found by Mrs Mabberley's office. 1

Children celebrating 100% attendance