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27th November – 1st December 2017


This week, Beech and Cedar have started to rehearse for the Christmas play: we will be shepherds, innkeepers and excited children who sing and dance throughout the show. We have learned all of the lyrics to our songs and choreographed the dance routines, our task now is to rehearse, rehearse & rehearse  – we’re very excited to perform for you.

In maths we have been exploring the various methods which allow us to accurately subtract. Following on from addition and subtraction, we will now be progressing onto finding the difference between two numbers (and what this means), further developing our place value awareness.



Literacy this week has seen us reading books from the Meg & Mog series – we have used the structure of these books to plan and write our own stories.

(Reading our stories to each other).

We continue to have our curriculum enrichment sessions in computing and forest school. The next three weeks are going to be very busy but super exciting.


20tht– 24thth November 2017


In year one this week, we have had lots of visitors. On Monday Ross from ‘Healthy Hearts’ came to speak to us about keeping our bodies healthy through food and exercise. We had lots of questions for him and we planned a healthy meal time together, as well as playing some fun learning games.


Tuesday morning was very exciting as we had Marvellous Maths, it was lovely to spend time with parents in class. We enjoyed warming up with Mr Jack Hartmann (YouTube), getting messy with flour and finger paints and searching for a hidden word using a number code - Miss Dorman tried (and failed) to throw you off the scent by adding an extra letter, but Year One are very smart!



In English we have continued to look at nocturnal animals and building a fact file, focussing on the aspects of non-fiction texts.


P.E this week has consisted of yoga (Cedar found this hilarious) and dodgeball.




In Year One this week (WC. 13.11.2017):


Maths: We have continued to work on our addition skills using a variety of resources and techniques which build our number awareness, leading on to ‘mental maths’ (finding the answer in your head).


English: Our goal this week has been to learn new facts and vocabulary about nocturnal animals – the children have taken the lead and researched information from books, videos, ipads and by questioning each other. We are gathering information to build a fact file.

In p.e we have been developing our balance skills.



Science: you may have heard already about the exciting experiments which have taken place so far this week (with more to come). By mixing vinegar and baking powder, we created an eruption of bubbles which the children found fascinating. To further our scientific knowledge we discussed and wrote our predictions and findings.





In Year One this week (6.11.2017):


Maths: We have been working on addition and the methods/resources we can use to help us. We have particularly focused on using number lines.


English: We have been working with new vocabulary: time connectives and imperative verbs (bossy words). Last week we made spooky rice krispie pumpkin treats, using time connectives and imperative verbs we have written instructions of how to do this.


Protective Behaviour Week: as a school we have spent this week looking at Protective Behaviours: you may have seen the stickers. This allows us to understand which actions are safe or unsafe, emotions, the early warning signs, that our bodies are private and what actions we can take to safely protect ourselves.


Curriculum Enrichment: Beech class continues to develop their computer skills. Cedar class are receiving forest school lessons, this week’s session looked at mini beasts.




Welcome back to a new (and busy) term. The first week has been packed with lots of magical learning opportunities which will continue through November and December.


We would like to thank all parents for your time this week during parent/teacher consultations: we appreciate you are busy but it is always lovely to speak and share with you.


This week we have been working from the text ‘Room on the Broom’ looking at ways to describe the characters; their feelings and actions. We also began to explore listening for rhyming strings.


In maths we have recapped the work from last term to secure our knowledge of number.


Curriculum Enrichment: Beech class are developing computer skills every Thursday afternoon this term. Cedar class are heading outside to explore the school grounds: please ensure your child has a coat and wellies in school, thank you!


Spooky Week: We have been involved in some lovely activities including: decorating pumpkins, dressing up, straw skeletons (we looked at the human body and learned ‘Funny Bones’ rhymes & songs), made pumpkin rice krispie treats, dancing


Special guests: We had visits from the fire brigade and road safety patrol officers promoting essential life skills.


*photographs to follow shortly 


Wow, the first half of autumn term has flown by and we have been super busy in year one. Here is a very small selection of photos of some of our work and the activities we’ve participated in.


We have enjoyed exploring ‘bears’ as our topic this term: we have heard a wide variety of bear stories and rewritten ‘Peace at Last.’ We created our own posters and leaflets containing bear facts as well as building a bear cave, going on a bear hunt and attending a teddy bear’s picnic - it was great fun. 



In maths we have been working on place value, positioning, the part part whole technique and number bonds.


During p.e we have developed our ball skills, played team games and tried gymnastics. Beech class have received extra p.e time as part of our curriculum enrichment programme (this is worked on a termly rota).


Cedar learned how to sew during their enrichment time.


There has been lots of other exciting events such as Diwali, Funtrition, computing and the harvest festival to name a few. 





Please note we have pixelated the children’s names and faces for anonymity.

Autumn Term September - October

Autumn Term September - October  1
Autumn Term September - October  2
Autumn Term September - October  3
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Autumn Term September - October  27

25th - 29th September 2017:


This week we have been exploring harvest and autumn. On Monday we went for a walk around the school grounds to look at the changing of the season and collect some  fallen leaves. We have been practising our harvest assembly songs and we can’t wait to share them with you.



In English we sorted books into fiction and non-fiction. We discovered Goldilocks and the Three Bears is fiction, and non-fiction books hold facts – we used non-fiction books about bears to create a polar bear booklet. Do you have a question about Polar bears? Pick up one of our booklets!


Fiction and non-fiction.


A sample of polar bear leaflets.


Maths this week has seen us finding one more and one less of any given number. We were challenged to find one more/less from a variety of numerical formats.



The Three Bears enjoy eating porridge so we tasted the three different types the bears ate (we thought Mother Bear’s sweet porridge was just right). However, we did not want to try the polar bears diet:




Coming up (week commencing 2nd October):

Grizzly Bears and Giant Pandas.

Welcome to Year 1!


It is so great to see everyone back after the summer break for a very busy but exciting year ahead. 

The transition from Reception to year one is a challenging time, we have been very pleased with how children are adapting to their new structure of learning. We are bulding upon the foundations set in the Early Years, whilst encouraging children to make independent choices and promoting their growth mindsets.


Autumn Term

This term our topic is 'Bears.' We have been reading 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears' and researching bear facts.


Goldilocks crime scene  Country of originPolar bear artwanted poster













In maths we have been following the maths mastery approach starting with place value. We begin by focusing on counting accurately forwards and backwards and representing numbers in a variety of ways.



For homework this week: 

  1. English - practice spelling these words; they, are, go, on, for, was. Can your child use these words in a sentence?
  2. Maths - practice counting forwards and backwards from any given number.
  3. Reading - don't forget to read daily and record in your child's reading record.