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Welcome to Reception 


All the children in reception have settled in really well, building new relationships, exploring the environment and learning in all areas of provision.  

















Our main themes this term are: 


  • Ourselves 
  • Fairy Tales 
  • All around the world 



In the first two weeks of school we have been learning about ourselves. The main areas of learning have been Personal, Social, and Emotional Development (PSED), Understanding the World, Mathematics, Literacy, Communication and Language and Expressive Arts and Design.  


Personal, Social and Emotional Development 


We have making lots of friends this week building relationships across both classes in reception. In small groups we have been learning about: different emotions and what they mean by reading and discussing stories; discussing healthy and unhealthy diets; talking about our families, comparing and drawing pictures of them; and finally discussing how to be kind to others. In result of this learning the children came up with their own class rules and ways to be kind and helpful.  



Understanding the World 


We have been discovering lots of new and exciting thing in the reception environment. Inside we have been exploring maps and globes, discussing where we have been in the world and where our family members live. We have also been learning about our own bodies in the science area and in small groups, looking at and naming our body parts, through songs and diagrams (we particularly like 'The Skeleton Dance - We have also been finding out why it is good to eat lots of healthy foods and keeping unhealthy food as a special treat. We discovered if we eat healthy foods they make our bodies feel happy, full of energy and help us grow big and strong. 






This week we have been focusing on counting to 10 and beginning to write our numbers. All the children have worked really hard, joining in with counting as a group in the morning; using the maths working walls and provision areas to practice; and taking part in maths games. 




This week we have been trying really hard to practice writing our names on all our pieces of work. We have used the literacy working wall to find our names and copy them on our work. We have also started learning our letter sounds, this week we learnt m, s, a and t. 



Expressive arts and design 


We have been using our gross motor and fine motor skills to paint pictures, mix colours, and stick different bits and bobs. We have been exploring different ways of using paint, making patterns with watery paint and poppets; using our hands to paint with; making bubble paints by blowing through a straw and printing our paper; and using sponges to make different shapes and patterns.  


Communication and Language 


We have been focusing on turn taking, talking in small and large groups, waiting our turn and sharing with others. This has been achieved during group times, carpet times and throughout provision, by playing games and sharing toys. 


Fairy tales 


This week we have started learning about fairy tales. Our first fairy tale is Goldilocks and the three bears!



I can't wait to try some porridge tomorrow!! 


Watch this space for our super work...