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Chilvers Coton's famous rocking horse

The Restoration of the famous Chilvers Coton Rocking Horse


In 2012 an old rocking horse was found in a store room.  It was broken and in pieces. It had one ear, no saddle, no tail and no mane. It was in a very sorry state!

A parent, Mrs Carol Starkey, mentioned that the horse had been at the school when she was a pupil at Chilvers many years before. Upon further investigation it was found that lots of the school's ex pupils also remembered the rocking horse - including the chair of Governors, vice chair and current members of staff.

Soon after, Carol's husband, Roy Starkey, came to see the horse and was very enthusiastic about its history. He loved the horse so much that he volunteered to restore it! He took it away to his workshop and began work straight away.

The pictures below show how Roy breathed life back into the horse and made it what it is today!

Thank you Roy! smiley