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Geography helps our children to develop a curiosity and understanding of other places, the people who live in them and their cultures. Our children will become aware of their own surroundings and consider the similarities and differences with other places locally and in the wider world.


We aim to inspire children to have a curiosity and fascination with the world and its people that will stay with them for all of their lives.


In the Foundation Stage geography is taught within ‘Understanding the World’. Through creative, imaginative and play based experiences the children explore such topics as ‘people and communities’ and ‘the World around them.’


In Year 1 and 2 geography skills are taught through topics where they develop their skills in map making, learn about seasonal and daily weather and the physical features and human aspects of the local and wider environment. They are taught the relevant vocabulary through studying different geographical topics and make cross curricular links with other subjects.


Interested in Geography? Click the links to have some geographical fun with your child or parent!


National Geographic for Children UK



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