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Good attendance is vital for developing social skills, friendships and for progress and attainment.  Our attendance target for 2020-21 is 95%.   Attendance is monitored weekly and when attendance drops below 92%, cause for concern letters are issued to parents. If attendance falls below 90% these children are considered to be persistent absentees and are missing a significant part of their education. We will make referrals to the Warwickshire Attendance Service for any children who are persistently absent or late to school without good reason. Please see our policy below for more details. Although Nursery children don't have a legal requirement to attend school, our policy states that if children's attendance is below 80% their place in our Nursery may be at risk. 


If you are struggling to maintain good attendance for your child, please don't hesitate to contact us and we can see how we can support you to ensure your child's attendance improves. 

Attendance Policy 2019-20