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Chilvers Coton Community School and Nursery

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Attendance and leave during term time

Attendance and punctuality are a key part of ensuring children succeed at school, both socially and academically. Parents have a legal responsibility to ensure children attend school regularly and on time and attendance is one of our key parts of our home school agreement.


Any child with attendance below 90% is classed as a persistent absentee. When your child's attendance falls below 92% we will contact parents with a cause for concern letter to ensure that attendance improves. Where attendance falls further, we will then meet with parents to hold an Attendance Improvement Meeting to identify where we can support with improving attendance or punctuality.


If attendance continues to fall, we will then issue a stage 1, 2 or 3 letter. If following all of these actions attendance declines further, we will refer families to the Warwickshire Attendance Team. This could lead to legal action being taken. 


Our school attendance motto is 'in school, on time, everyday' and children have talked about why they think attendance and punctuality are important. Some of their comments included 'I miss out on learning if I'm away', 'if I'm late to school I don't get to do my morning job', 'I miss my friends if I don't see them at school'. 


We are here to support parents in any way possible, so if you do need support with attendance or punctuality, please speak to your child's class teacher or Mrs Williams/Miss Carey, our Learning Mentor/Family Support Worker. 


*If your child has one of the top three symptoms of COVID-19, please keep them and any siblings away from school and arrange a test. If children need to isolate due to COVID reasons, the attendance monitoring detailed above doesn't apply.*  

Exceptional leave of absence during term time

Each school year has 195 days and there are 93 other non-school days to take a holiday. Headteachers can only authorise term time absences in the most exceptional of circumstances. Any term time absence which isn't unauthorised will be recorded as such on our registers and will be referred to the Warwickshire Attendance Service and may result in legal action being taken and a penalty notice potentially being issued. 

Attendance and Punctuality Policy

Parent Information

We are here to support families in any way possible, so if you do need support please speak to your child's class teacher. Our pastoral team are always available if you need any support or advice

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