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What does History look like at Chilvers?

At Chilvers we are enthralled by history. Our children love learning about important figures in our local and world history. In particular, we look closely at Rosa Parks, Mary Seacole, Florence Nightingale, Neil Armstrong, Guy Fawkes (and many more...) and explore their impact on society today. We focus on harnessing this natural curiosity and the children recognise that historical events can be interpreted in different ways. They understand that we should be always asking questions about the past and are keen to do so.


During history lessons at Chilvers, we teach our children a sense of chronology; we take the time to help the children develop their own sense of identity and an understanding of their historical heritage from the moment they join the school in Nursery. The children develop a strong respect for the range of cultures in our modern society, their impact and their importance. We place emphasis on examining historical artefacts and primary sources where possible to develop our skills of enquiry, problem-solving and interpretation. By example, our Year 1 pupils engage in a workshop where they can explore toys from the past whilst learning about the Victorian era or visit a castle to reinforce their learning about battles during the Medieval period.